Training Classes


"Get Off On The Right Paw" - Puppy Socialization 2022  - Thursday Nights at 6:00 PM - Open Enrollment and attend for six consecutive weeks.
Our goal is to do all we can to develop a confident, friendly adult dog who will be able to participate in many family events and situations by exposing your puppy now to these new experiences.
 A well socialized dog will adapt to a routine vet visit, will be more confident when faced with new environments, situations, animals, people and children throughout his lifetime.
There is an critical period of time in a dog's life - from 8 weeks to about 18 weeks of age in which careful, positive exposure to as many things that a puppy might encounter during his/her lifetime should be introduced to him/her.  Under socialized adult dogs can become fearful and/or reactive, which may possibly lead to behavior issues.  Under socialized adult dogs can become fearful and/or reactive, which may possibly lead to behavior issues.

This class acquaints you and your puppy to the basics of socialization by teaching conditioning skills and introducing him/her to many new situations, environments, people; and other puppies though positive techniques. This class allows time for Puppy play which will be interrupted frequently to encourage impulse control for the puppy, and also to discuss challenging puppy behavior and how to solve those issues. We will also begin the foundation skills towards obedience which develops a polite dog. Training is accomplished with positive reinforcement - no force methods are used.
Prerequisite: Puppies must have had their first set of vaccinations 7 days prior to the first class and be between 8 to 18 weeks old. Class is six weeks.

  "Mind Your P's and Cues 1"
 Basic Obedience 

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Class # 1  Thursday nights starting January 20th running through March 3rd from 7:15 - 8:15 PM.
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Learn skills to become the benevolent leader your dogs needs, and build a mutually respectful relationship to develop a confident dog.  This will be accomplished through  positive reinforcement methods - no force methods - such as choke chains, prong collars, shock collars or physical manipulation - are used.  
Prerequisite for this class, is the dog be 5 months or older, or have attended the Puppy Socialization Class.

Positive Reinforcement Skills taught:

Attention to handler
Leave It 
Polite Walking - No more Pulling on Leash  
We also discuss Jumping on People, Sit to Greet.   
Class is seven weeks 
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­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­"Mind Your P's and Cues 2"
 Intermediate Obedience and
AKC Canine Good Citizen  2020
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Prerequisite: "Mind Your P's and Cues 1" - Basic Obedience
This class will build on the skills learned in Basic Obedience 1.  We will work adding distance and distractions to the cues already learned.   We'll coach you to help your dog become a respected community member by learning to sit politely for petting, walk calmly through a crowd of people, display impulse control when in sight of another dog, and walk politely on a leash.  This class will also prepare your canine companion for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test.  Prerequisite: Basic Obedience 1. This is a seven week class.
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 Focus and Impulse Control  2020

Some questions you may be asking yourself: Why is my dog so easily distracted? How can I get my dog to pay attention to me instead of other dogs, people, animals, and distractions? What can I do when my dog spends time sniffing the grass, instead of working with me? Does your dog become uncontrollably excited or over stimulated in certain situations?

If you have a dog who is easily aroused or distracted in certain situations, you can benefit from this class. Some dogs become so stimulated and distracted they are unable to think, and if they are unable to think, they are unable to learn. This class is for humans, who have friendly dogs, who want to focus on cultivating a confident canine companion. This is a seven week class.

Prerequisite: "Mind Your P's and Cues"  Basic Obedience and your dog must be people and dog friendly. 
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"Be A Tree"  Children's Seminar
NEXT SEMINAR:  contact me. 
One parent must attend with child/children and no dogs please. 

The "Be a Tree" Program is a fun and interactive presentation for children that teaches them how to read dog body language and be safe around their dog as well as strange dogs. The majority of the hour long is devoted to safety but we will also discuss how to take care of our dogs.

Private Sessions

Private Sessions can be arranged in several ways with an initial consultation/evaluation and then package deals are determined by the goals of the client:

  1. Home visits will coach you to positively train your dog the basic commands.
  2. Home visits will coach you how to effectively deal with behavior issues.
  3. Private in facility training can be customized to meet your needs by coming to me at a reduced fee depending on the concerned issues.


 "Preparing Fido to Welcome New Baby"
Are you expecting a new baby and concerned how your canine companion will react when you bring the bundle of joy home?  The benefits of this seminar will provide insight to prepare your furry friend for the new arrival.  We'll discuss what you can do now before the baby arrives and how to safely introduce the dog to the  baby when the new arrival comes home.  It will also help to evaluate behaviors and concerns you might have regarding your dog's behavior and then address those issues.  
I look forward to working with you and your dog.